"Simplicity is Elegance"


Our control room team is always vigilant 24/7 while performing its monitoring responsibility and duty. In case of any sort of alarm including but not limited to geofence, vehicle battery disconnect, fuel theft, towing, low battery, etc. the response of our team is rapid with the main aim being to protect our customers at all costs.


We achieve absolute protection of our clients through Real-time vehicle tracking with pin-point location accuracy. Our clients also enjoy the independence of also monitoring or tracking as well as taking control of their vehicles through our elegant Mobile APP and Web-based platforms which are up and running 24/7 with no interruptions. 


Through our fleet management and fuel monitoring system, we guarantee you to save more on unnecessary costs. Our platform is capable of loading unlimited devices. Lastly, our recovery rate is what separates us from our competitors, and as such, you can make us your number one choice.

"Vehicle tracking, fleet mangement and fuel monitoring, CCTV System, business, house and school alarm system "Redefined" with more protective capabilities that leaves you amazed and far more happy. That is what we do best at Stay Simple

Vehicle tracking supply and installation

24/7 Monitoring  365 days

Fleet Management and Fuel Monitoring System

Stay Simple Communications & Technology

CCTV supply and 


House, Business and School GSM alarm system Installation

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